About Black United Fund

Black United Fund Health & Human Services (BUF) operates two pre-school facilities, an afterschool program and a summer camp in Plainfield, NJ, where we focus on providing children with high-scope curriculum to help them develop their decision making and contribute significantly to their own education.

At BUF, we know that your children are important to you, so we treat them just as if they were our own. If you have any questions for our staff, please feel free to contact them anytime from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

At BUF, we pledge to:

1) Treat children who attend our school with love, care, respect and understanding in an atmosphere that fosters their growth and emphasizes learning through play.

2) Give each child daily opportunities to explore and learn about the world through a variety of experiences.

3) Value the uniqueness of each child and allow him/her to make decisions on how they learn about the world through a variety of experiences.

4) Strive to extend, reinforce and complement each child’s home.