For Immediate Release

August 24, 2009

Black United Fund of NJ to Open New Preschool in Plainfield

Event to be Held on September 1, 2009

Plainfield, NJ – On Tuesday, September 1, the Black United Fund of NJ (BUFNJ) will open a new facility at 510 Grant Avenue, Plainfield, NJ, which will house the BUF Health and Human Services pre-school. The new state-of- the-art 10 classroom pre-school facility will provide a safe, clean and rewarding learning experience to more than 150 Plainfield children, ages 3 to 4.

The Black United Fund of NJ – is a non-profit organization which actively supports and promotes programs to enhance the interest, welfare, education and social development of the African American community in New Jersey. The Black United Fund/Health and Human Services (BUF/HHS) provides pre-school services to over 225 children in the city of Plainfield, NJ.

“At BUF/HHS, we design our curriculum and programs to foster self-esteem, self-confidence, competence in self-help skills and those inner controls and language abilities necessary for effective social interaction,” said Sondra R. Clark, President and CEO of BUF/HHS. “Our goal is to support children in their active explorations and to help them to become independent and inquisitive learners.  Children learn to understand their world when they investigate or observe their environment; ask questions; experiment and talk about their findings.”