Project Funding Priorities

Requests for Proposal (RFP) funds should include a clear and concise statement emphasizing how the program is designed to service and strengthen African American families. Grant seekers should specify ways in which their program services meet the needs of individual clientele and to the extent, if possible, explain program links and services to the entire family unit.

Priority will be given to programs that incorporate and reflect an understanding of African American heritage. Specifically, AAFNJ seeks to fund programs that emphasize positive family values, traditions, social customs, and family practices that have contributed to the survival of the African American Family.

An essential component of all proposals must include an emphasis on the development of positive self-esteem and the empowerment of the populations being served.

Indigenous, grassroots programs, which actively involve members of the community in identifying problem areas, designing programs and implementing services, should be prioritized.

Service Definitions
Direct Services are services that are directly provided to clients such as counseling, tutoring, day care, training and health related services, etc.

Indirect Services are services that indirectly serve to support client and/or community needs, such as purchasing of equipment, etc.