Project Reporting Requirements

AAFNJ must be accountable for its distribution of funds to grantees. To accomplish this each grantee must submit two follow-up reports:
(1) Grantee Interim performance/Financial report
(2) Final Report during the grant-reporting year

Failure to submit these reports will result in the termination of the grant award, and will jeopardize your organization/initiatives and eligibilty for the next funding year.

The reports must include:

  • Number of clients
  • Indicate joint working relationship with other agencies
  • Summarize program performance to date
  • Indicate the progress of participants
  • Resulting outcomes of program against objectives
  • Indicate the cooperation received from other agencies and groups
  • involved
  • Any other indicators of progress the grantee wishes to share
  • Indicate changes in management, staff or project director(s)
  • An audited fiscal report must be included detailing use of grant funds.
  • The AAF/NJ name must be included on all literature produced by
  • grantees for that funding year.